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Division Policies


This site contains the policies of the Manassas Park City School Board.

Policy development in a modern, forward‑looking school system is a dynamic, ongoing process. New problems, issues, and needs give rise to the continuing need to develop new policies or to revise existing ones.

Manassas Park City Schools operates according to policies established by the Manassas Park City School Board. The Board, which represents the state and local community, develops policies after careful deliberation, and the school administration implements these policies through specific regulations and procedures. The Board then evaluates the effects of its policies and makes revisions as necessary.

In the interests of harmony, efficiency, uniformity of interpretation, coordination of effort, and in fairness to all concerned, the Board makes these policies available to all who are affected by its policies.

All copies of this policies are the property of Manassas Park City Schools.

Codification system is copyrighted by the National School Boards Association. Used with permission.

Organization of Policies

MPCS policies are organized according to the classification system developed by the Educational Policies Services of the National School Boards Association. The system provides an efficient means of coding, filing, and finding policies, regulations, and other documents.

There are 12 major classifications, each bearing an alphabetical code:












Sub-classification under each heading is based on logical sequence and alphabetical sub-coding.

Legal Reference

Pertinent legal references are given to advise the reader the legal authority for the policy. References direct the reader to Title 22.1 of the Code of Virginia, the bylaws and regulations of the Board of Education of the Commonwealth of Virginia (referred to in this manual as "Regulations of the Virginia Board of Education"), and to some other federal laws, regulations and cases.

Order of Precedence

School Board policies and regulations must be read and interpreted in the light of the federal and Virginia statutes and regulations. Wherever inconsistencies of interpretation arise, federal and Virginia law and regulations prevail.

It is the hope of the School Board that this collection of policies will make a greater harmony and efficiency possible in all areas of school operations. This will enable the Board to devote more time to its primary duty—the development of long‑range policies and planning for the future of the school system.

About Policies

Generally, the role of a School Board is to set policy and the role of the administration is to execute it. The basic distinction as set forth by the National School Boards Association is as follows:

- Policies are principles adopted by a School Board to chart a course of action. They tell what is to be done and may also include why and how much. They are broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken by the administration in dealing with day-to-day activities. They are narrow enough to give the administration clear guidance. Policies are binding.

- Regulations are the detailed directions developed to put policy into practice. They are the administrative procedures. Superintendents may promulgate regulations without prior School Board approval unless board action is required by law or unless the board has specifically asked that certain types of regulations be given prior board approval. The Board shall be kept informed of all regulations issued by the administration. Regulations are binding

- The administration develops guidelines unless board action is required by law or unless the Board has specifically asked that certain types of guidelines be given prior Board approval. Guidelines are not binding; they are discretionary.

These distinctions are serviceable most of the time. They reflect sound theory of government and administration. But the real world does not always conform. For example, often the state and federal governments require School Boards to make detailed rules; and many regulations are established by law or by the Virginia Board of Education. Additionally, the public may demand that a School Board itself, not the administration, establish the specific rules and procedures in certain sensitive areas. Thus, the separation of policies and administrative regulations in this manual follows several rules of thumb in addition to "basic theory" as follows:

1. All edicts of the Virginia Board of Education are considered mandated Board policy;

2. When the School Board has written regulations required by law or in particularly sensitive areas and has incorporated them in policy, the entire statement is to be considered Board policy; and

3. When the School Board has adopted rules (bylaws) concerning its own operations, (for example, how to conduct meetings), these statements concerning operations of the Board appear as Board policy.

As long as the administration operates within the guidelines of policy adopted by a School Board, it may issue regulations without prior Board approval unless board action is required by law or unless the Board has specifically asked that certain types of regulations be given prior Board approval. The Board, of course, is kept informed of all school system regulations issued by the administration, and all are subject to Board review. Also, in the absence of policy thought necessary, it is the superintendent's responsibility to recommend policy to the School Board.

A - Foundation and Basic Commitment

B - Board Governance and Operations

C - General School Administration

D - Fiscal Management

E - Support Services

F - Facilities Development

G - Personnel

GA-Personnel Policies Goals
GAA-Staff Time Schedules
GAB (IIBEA)-Acceptable Computer System Use
GAB(E1)-IIBEA(E2)-Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement
GAB(R)-IIBEA(R)-Acceptable Computer System Use; Regulations
GAE (JHG)-Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
GB-Equal Employment Opportunity/Nondiscrimination
GBA (JFHA)-Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation
GBA (E)-JFHA(E) - Report of Harassment
GB(F)-Report of Discrimination
GBB-Staff Involvement in Decision Making
GBD (BG)-Board Staff Communications
GBE-Staff Health
GBEA-Unlawful Manufacture, Distribution, Dispensing, Possession or Use of a Controlled Substance
GBEB-Staff Weapons in School
GBEC (JFCH)-Tobacco Free School for Staff and Students
GBECA-Electronic Cigarettes
GBEF (JHCL)-Lactation Support
GBG-Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBI-Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBL-Personnel Records
GBLA-Third Party Complaints Against Employees
GBM-Professional Staff Grievances
GBM(R)-Procedure for Adjusting Grievances for Professional Staff; Regulations
GBM(F)-Adjusting Grievances
GBMA-Support Staff Grievances
GBN-Staff Hiring Procedures
GBO-Virginia Retirement System
GBR-Voluntary Retirement Savings Program
GC-Professional Staff
GCB-Professional Staff Contracts
GCBA-Staff Salary Schedules
GCBB-Supplementary Pay
GCBC/GDBC-Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBC(R)/GDBC(R) Staff Fringe Benefits-Regulations
GCBD/GDBD-Staff Leaves and Absences
GCBD(R)/GDBD(R)-Staff Leaves and Absences, Regulations
GCBE-Family and Medical Leave
GCBEA-Leave Without Pay
GCBEB-Military Leave and Benefits
GCCB-Employment of Family Members
GCDA-Effect of Criminal Conviction or Founded Complaint of Child Abuse or Neglect
GCE-Part Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCG-Professional Staff Probationary Term and Continuing Contract
GCI-Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCL-Professional Staff Development
GCN-Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCN-Evaluation of Professional Staff; Regulations
GCPA-Reduction in Work Force
GCPA(R)-Reduction in Work Force; Regulations
GCPB-Resignation of Staff Members
GCPC(R)/GDPC(R)- Staff Retirement
GCPD-Professional Staff Discipline
GCPF-Suspension of Staff Members
GCQA-Nonschool Employment by Staff Members
GCQAB-Tutoring for Pay
GCQB-Staff Research and Publishing
GD-Support Staff
GDB-Support Staff Employment Status
GDG-Support Staff Probationary Period
GDI-Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDN-Evaluation of Support Staff Members
GDQ-School Bus Drivers

I - Instruction

IA-Instructional Goals and Objectives
IAA- Notification of Learning Objectives
IB-Academic Freedom
IC/ID-School Year/School Day
IE-Moment of Silence
IEA-Pledge of Allegiance
IEB-National Motto
IEC-Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States
IF-Curriculum Development and Adoption
IGAD-Career and Technical Education
IGAE/IGAF-Health Education/Physical Education
IGAG-Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
IGAH-Family Life Education (FLE)
IGAI-Character Education
IGAJ-Driver Education
IGBA-Programs for Students with Disabilities
IGBB-Programs for Gifted Students
IGBC-Parental Involvement
IGBE-Remedial and Summer Instruction Program
IGBF-Limited English Proficient Students
IGBG-Homebound, Correspondence and Alternative Means of Instruction
IGBG (R) - Homebound, Correspondence, and Alternative Means of Instruction; Regulations
IGBGA-Online Courses and Virtual School Programs
IGBH-Alternative School Programs
IGBI-Advanced Placement Classes and Special Programs
IGDA-Student Organizations
IGE-Adult Education
IHA-Grouping for Instruction
IHB-Class Size
IIA-Instructional Materials
IIAA-Textbook Selection, Adoption and Purchase
IIAB-Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
IIAE-Innovative or Experimental Programs
IIBD-School Libraries/Media Centers
IIBEA/GAB- Acceptable Computer System Use
IIBEA(R)/GAB(R)-Acceptable Computer System Use; Regulations
IIBEA(E2)/ GAB(E1)- Acceptable Computer System Use; Signature Page
IIBEA(E)-Acceptable Computer System Use; Parent Letter
IICA-Field Trips
IICB/IICC-Community Resource Persons/School Volunteers
IJ-Guidance and Counseling Program
IKA-Parental Assistance with Instruction
IKFA-Locally Awarded Verified Credits
IKF(R)-Standards of Learning Tests and Graduation Requirements; Regulations
IKG-Remediation Recovery Program
IKH-Retaking SOL Assessments
IL-Testing Programs
INB-Teaching about Controversial Issues
INDC-Religion in the Schools

J - Students

JB-Equal Educational Opportunities/Nondiscrimination
JB(F)-Report of Discrimination
JBA-Section 504 Nondiscrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures
JC-School Attendance Areas
JCA-Transfers by Student Victims of Crime
JCJ-Classroom Assignments for Twins
JEA-Compulsory Attendance
JEB-Entrance Age/Admission of Persons Not of School Age
JEC-School Admission
JEC(R)-School Admission; Regulations
JECA-Admission of Homeless Children
JECB-Admission of Nonpublic Students for PartTime Enrollment
JED-Student Absences/Excuses/Dismissals
JED(R)-Student Absences/Excuses/Dismissals
JEG-Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JFB-Student Involvement in Decision Making
JFC-Student Conduct
JFC(R)-Standards of Student Conduct; Regulations
JFCA-Teacher Removal of Students from Class
JFCB-Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity
JFCC-Student Conduct on School Buses
JFCD-Weapons in School
JFCE-Gang Activity or Association
JFCF-Drugs in School
JFCH/GBEC-Tobacco Free School for Staff and Students
JFCI-Substance Abuse Student Assistance Program
JFCJ-Written Notification of Violation of School Policies by Students in Alternative Education Program
JFCL-Notification Regarding Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults
JFG-Search and Seizure
JFHA/GBA-Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation
JFHAF/GBA(F)-Report of Harassment
JGA-Corporal Punishment
JGD/JGE-Student Suspension/Expulsion
JGD/JGE(R)-Student Suspension/Expulsion; Regulations
JGDA-Disciplining Students with Disabilities
JGDB-Discipline of Students with Disabilities for Infliction of Serious Bodily Injury
JHC-Student Health Services and Requirements
JHCA-Physical Examinations of Students
JHCB-Student Immunizations
JHCC-Communicable Diseases
JHCCA-Blood Borne Contagious or Infectious Diseases
JHCD-Administering Medicines to Students
JHCD(E)-Administering Medicines to Students; Form
JHCE-Recommendation of Medication by School Personnel
JHCF-Student Wellness
JHCH-School Meals and Snacks
JHCL/GBEF-Lactation Support
JHDA-Human Research
JHG-Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
JHH-Suicide Prevention
JJAC-Student Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities
JL-Fund Raising and Solicitation
JM-Restraint and Seclusion of Students
JN-Student Fees, Fines & Charges
JO-Student Records
JP-Student Publications

K - School Community Relations

L - Education Agency Relations