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Division Plan

Committee Members

Dr. Bruce McDade

Deputy Superintendent
Mr. Eric Neff

Associated Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
Dr. Jeff Jackson

Accreditation Team
Division Team Lead - Malia Hayes
CES - Ashely Cortez
MPES - Stephanie Fischbeck
MPMS - Lisa Hill
MPHS - Mike Kelly
Technology - Patty Gilham


The Strategic Planning Team (SPT) drafted this plan under the guidance of Dr. C. Bruce McDade, Superintendent of Manassas Park City Schools. The SPT is made up of representatives from each of the four schools as well as an Instructional Technology Specialist for the division. This team utilized a variety of methods to garner stakeholder input at all levels. The process, formal and informal, included surveys, closed interviews, and open discussion forums. From Directors at the Central Office level to our kindergarten students, stakeholder feedback was an integral part of the development of this plan. Staff members at each school serve on a Strategic Planning Committee and therefore their input is gathered on a frequent and consistent basis. Formalized procedures are in place to keep these lines of communication and involvement open year to year. While parent involvement did occur, we recognized a need for more formal procedures to solicit feedback and input from our parents.

The district plan is reviewed, revised, and updated each year. Each school developed its five-year plan in alignment with the goals and format of the district plan.

Each year the plan will be reviewed and successes will be measured against the stated goals. Notations will be added to show which action items and objectives have been met, modified, or removed. Since the goals are intended to be long-term targets, while the objectives may have shorter timelines, the Strategic Planning Team will determine if new objectives are needed, but will only modify the driving goals if there is a significant issue to address.

Our Mission (Purpose)

A mission statement answers the questions: What is it we expect students to learn? How will we know if they are learning it? What will we do if they don’t?

The faculty and staff of Manassas Park City Schools serves the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child through emphasis on academics, technology, and the arts. We foster a caring and creative learning community that enables each student to achieve at his/her highest ability level. We utilize formal and informal assessment data to drive instruction. This helps us ensure that students are engaged, have access to the proper curriculum and have the optimum opportunity to master material appropriate to their abilities. Upon departure from Manassas Park City Schools, students will have the tools necessary to continue their education and/or pursue their dreams and aspirations for the future.

Our Vision (Direction)

A vision paints the picture of what we can become. It provides a foundation on which we can assess the areas in need of improvement – and then plan.

A visitor to any building or facility within the Manassas Park City School Division will find it safe, well maintained, and containing widely available technology. Each school exudes pride and energy, with teachers and administrators readily visible.

Students are held to high standards and take responsibility for their actions. Students are engaged in a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities and possess a sense of belonging. Each student strives to maximize his/her potential and plans for his/her future education and ultimate career.

Personnel from each school and department collaborate to develop and implement both short- and long-range plans for the division. All staff are committed to continual learning and professional growth to help achieve these goals. The school division provides considerable financial resources and scheduling flexibility for the pursuit of these endeavors.

Professional Learning Communities flourish within and among schools and community organizations. Open communication exists among all stakeholders to foster positive relationships. The entire community embraces involvement in the educational development of all students.


These beliefs are posted in every classroom in the Manassas Park City Schools District.


· All things are possible.
· All children can learn.
· People make the difference.
· Empowered people make good decisions.
· Leadership embodies a mix of personal humility and professional will.
· Data drives decisions.
· Professional development is the cornerstone to our success.


Values are the attitudes and behaviors an organization embraces.


· model moral, ethical, and professional behavior at all times.
· use data to drive decisions throughout the district.
· engage in communication with parents and the community at large.
· provide multiple opportunities for all students to achieve at their highest level.
· take responsibility for our surroundings including our physical and technological resources.


The goals of an organization represent key accomplishments that the organization will strive for as a means of acting on the mission to achieve the vision.

1. Ensure high standards of student learning and performance at all grade levels

2. Build lasting professional relationships among the schools, families, and the community at large

3. Deliver world-class, technologically integrated facilities that promote community and educational advancement

4. Cultivate committed personnel that are invested in the overall excellence of the school division

Division Plan 2013-2018

School Plans 2013-2018

MPCS Technology Plan 2010 - 2018