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Employee Benefits

Benefits are an important part of the total compensation package offered to employees of Manassas Park City Schools. To ensure that staff members are knowledgeable about their benefit options, Manassas Park City Schools conducts new employee orientations, open enrollment meetings and on-going benefits counseling throughout the year.

Heath Insurance Information

Health Insurance- VA Local Choice

Manassas Park City Schools offers health insurance through the Virginia Local Choice Program. This state sponsored program provides benefits plans that assist local governments and school jurisdictions to recruit and retain highly qualified employees. Our co-participants are local governments, local officers, school divisions, commissions, public authorities and other organizations created by or under an act of the General Assembly in their role as employers. The program strives to offer a better than average benefits plan at reasonable cost to the employees, and choices of alternative plans which may be more appropriate for some groups or individuals. This program allows us to continue to provide affordable insurance options for employees.

Health Insurance Plans offered by MPCS

There are five (5) plans offered to active employees and retirees not eligible for Medicare through MPCS with The Local Choice plan. An employee may choose either the Kaiser Permanente HMO or one of the four PPO plans offered through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Key Advantage. Retirees eligible for Medicare may choose to continue coverage with our Advantage 65 plan.

  • All plans include comprehensive medical, preventive care, dental, and prescription drug coverage. The four PPO plans include vision coverage.
  • The Anthem plans provide dental coverage through Delta Dental Insurance and Kaiser provides dental services through Dominion Dental point of service plan. MPCS does not offer separate dental only coverage. Click on the links below to review the insurance plan summaries.

Anthem Key Advantage Plan Programs (Blue Cross Blue Shield) PPO

Dental Coverage Information

Open Enrollment and Qualifying Mid Year Events

Manassas Park City Schools annual benefits open enrollment period is held from mid-April to Mid-May of each year.

Contracted employees who work at least 30 hours per week are eligible to enroll, change, or drop their coverage during this time. Changes will be effective July 1 each year.

Qualifying Mid Year Event (QME)- If you experience a QME you may add dependents, remove dependents, elect or waive health insurance coverage. To view a list of the QME's click on the link. Qualifying Mid Year Events Supporting documentation will be required.

Qualifying Mid Year Event Outline

Eligibility & Coverage Information

Who Is Eligible?

Contracted full-time employees who work at least 30 hours per week and their eligible dependents may elect to enroll in the health insurance program. Documentation will be required when adding dependents to your plan, please refer to plan descriptions for information on eligible dependents.

Effective Dates of Coverage for New Employees

Coverage begins on the first day of the first full month following receipt of the employee's enrollment form. The enrollment form must be received within 30 days of the date of hire.

Premium Withholding and Benefits Upon Termination of Employment

Premiums are withheld for medical insurance every pay period. Employees pay for their coverage with current month premium deductions. If you leave MPCS, your coverage as an active employee will cease on the last day of the month in which you terminate employment. See information on eligibility for continued coverage as a retiree or under COBRA.

COBRA Continuance of Coverage Upon Departure of Employment

Former employees may continue to maintain coverage in our group medical insurance plans for a period of 18 months (up to 29 months for certain qualifying individuals) after termination of active employment. Full premium amount plus a 2% administrative fee is charged for COBRA medical coverage. Employees and eligible dependents are notified of their full COBRA rights and responsibilities by mail.

Retiree Information

Non-medicare eligible retirees (ages 50-64) and their dependents who meet eligibility and minimum service requirements for participation may continue coverage in the above plans upon retirement provided the retiree enrolls in the retiree health insurance group within 31 days of retirement.

Medicare eligible retirees may participate in the Advantage 65 plan (medical, dental, and vision).

Retirees should contact MPCS HR Department for rate. For eligibility information you can click on the VA Retirement System Link found in the Benefit Programs box for plan information and forms.

Medical Premium Information

The below premiums and employer / employee share rates were approved by the school board. These rates are subject to adequate budget appropriations and availability of funds in the budget. The School Board reserves its rights to adjust its share of premiums paid at any time in accordance with School Board policy. Funds have been included in the budget to support these premium allocations based on current and estimated participation levels.

FY17 Medical Rates
FY18 Medical Rates