Manassas Park Cougar PTO

The Manassas Park Cougar Parent Teacher Organization (MPC PTO) serves pre-K through 5th grade. Our objectives are as follows:

  • To promote the welfare of children in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth, in school, community, and home.
  • To ensure cooperation between parents and teachers in the education of the student.
  • To secure for every student the highest advantages in physical, emotional, and social education.
  • To provide resources for the school in addition to those provided within the school's budget.

    Contact the MPC PTO today by email at or visit us online at Facebook.

Join the PTO!

As parents, teachers, administrators and staff of students at MPE or CES, you are members of the MPC PTO. You are invited to participate in monthly meetings and events, and to provide input on the direction of the PTO. Please participate and share your ideas. We do request that you complete a family information sheet so the MPC PTO information and volunteer needs can be communicated to you throughout the year.

Complete the Family Information Sheet & Opt Form Online

2018-2019 MPC PTO Board Members

Meet your 2018-2019 MPC PTO Board Members:

  • Nelly Valentin, MPC PTO President
  • Tia Dalton Hall, CES Vice President
  • Vacant, CES Vice President
  • Becky Chinchilla, MPE Vice President
  • Ingryd Tadic, MPE Vice President
  • Lydia Saenz, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Uzogara, Spirit Night Coordinator
  • Vacant, Website & Social Media Coordinator

Interested in joining the Board? Email us at!

Upcoming Spirit Events

  • Sept 6 • Chuck-E-Cheese • 3PM-9PM
  • Sept 19 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • Sept 28 • Betty & Marie's • 4PM-10PM
  • Oct 3 • Preston's Pub • 4PM-10PM
  • Oct 17 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • Nov 14 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • Nov 30 • Betty & Marie's • 4PM-10PM
  • Dec 5 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • Dec 12 • Preston's Pub • 4PM-10PM
  • Jan 4 • Chuck-E-Cheese • 3PM-9PM
  • Jan 9 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • Jan 18 • Betty & Marie's • 4PM-10PM
  • Feb 13 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • Feb 27 • Preston's Pub • 4PM-10PM
  • Mar 8 • Chuck-E-Cheese • 3PM-9PM
  • Mar 13 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • Mar 22 • Betty & Marie's • 4PM-10PM
  • Apr 10 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • Apr 24 • Preston's Pub • 4PM-10PM
  • May 8 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM
  • May 24• Betty & Marie's • 4PM-10PM
  • May 31 • Chuck-E-Cheese • 3PM-9PM
  • Jun 8 • Chick-Fil-A • 3PM-9PM

Ways to support the PTO!

  • Tysons Project A+ We are excited to announce that we have enrolled in the Tysons Project A+ program to earn rewards for our schools. Each label earns 24 cents for our schools!Please return your Tysons Labels to the school marked PTO.
  • Coke Rewards Points Donate points to your school, so it can get rewards like art supplies and sports equipment, and support all the ways kids play. Even the smallest point contribution can lead to great things for students in your community.You can send in Coke brand bottle caps or donate the points yourself directly from the coke rewards website!
  • Labels for Education An easy way to help support your school! Clip the Labels for Education UPC's from many of your favorite brands! Click the Labels for Education link for more information!
PTO Spirit Wear Flyer Link

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