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Intersession Information

Intersession Team

Lisa Wolf, District Intersession Coordinator; lisa.wolf@mpark.net

CES Coordinators

Heather Bednarczyk; heather.bednarczyk@mpark.ent
Samantha Kent; samantha.kent@mpark.net

MPES Coordinators
Kristen Marbury: kristen.marbury@mpark.net
George Valletti III; george.valletti@mpark.net

MPMS Coordinators
Abdul Kelly; Abdul.kelly@mpark.net
Jason Stubler; Jason.stubler@mpark.net

MPHS Coordinators
Sara Vaske; sara.vaske@mpark.net
Crystal Wallace; crystal.wallace@mpark.net

Intersession FAQs

Will intersession week have any academic impact on a student’s grade?

Intersession week can only have a positive impact on a student’s academic record.

What will a typical intersession day look like?

The same hours as a regular school day for your child. Students will participate in a morning and an afternoon enrichment activity.

Will transportation be provided during the intersession week?

Yes, buses will run their traditional routes in the morning and the afternoon. There will be NO midday transportation runs.

Will I be charged a fee for my child to attend intersession week?

The majority of activities during intersession week will be free of charge. Any activities that require an additional fee will be clearly marked in the intersession catalog. An example of a fee would be admission charges required to participate in field trip.

How will students be placed in enrichment groups?

Parents/Students will select multiple choices for the week. Intersession coordinators will group students by their selections. Coordinators will do their best to place the student in at least one of their choices. In addition, students may be encouraged to participate in certain activities by their homeroom or content area teachers.

How will students be placed in remediation groups?

There are no remediation groups. All groups are enrichment groups. All activities during intersession week will reinforce core academic skills. If a student has a particular academic need, then he/she may be encouraged to participate in a specific offering.

How will MPCS measure the success of intersession week?

A variety of methods will be used to judge success. Those include attendance, student and parent surveys, staff surveys, assessments, and other academic indicators.

Are students required to attend intersessions?

While not required, students are highly encouraged to attend.

Will attendance be taken during intersession week?

Attendance will be taken each day as a way to measure the success of the week.