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The use and distribution of tobacco products; nicotine vapor products, or alternative nicotine products, including electronic smoking devices, and any components or accessory used in the consumption of a tobacco product (including liquid-containing nicotine) is prohibited by staff, contractors, and visitors on school property or school premises, on school buses, and at on-site or off-site school-sponsored activities, at any time, including non-school hours.

School property includes any building, structure, or vehicle owned, leased, or contracted by the Division, both on and off-site.

School premises means any property surrounding buildings and structures, athletic grounds, parking lots, or any other outdoor property owned, leased, or contracted by the Division, both on and off-site. Appropriate signage will be posted in buildings and on school property in a manner and location that adequately informs students, staff, and visitors of the policy, including at entrances to school buildings and athletic events.

For MPCS employees, a first offense will merit a verbal warning and a referral to tobacco cessation resources. A second offense will bring a written warning that will be included in the employee’s personnel file. A third offense will prompt a letter advising that the violation is “considered insubordination” and will be treated as a disciplinary matter.

Visitors using tobacco products as defined by this regulation will be asked to refrain or leave the premises. Law enforcement may be contacted to escort the person off the premises or cite the person for trespassing, if the person refuses to leave. Forfeiture of any fee charged for admission will be enforced for visitors violating this policy.

September 23, 2019