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Members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend meetings of the Manassas Park City School Board to observe its deliberations. Any member of the community may address the Board on matters related to the Manassas Park City public schools at any regular meeting as follows:

  1. The Clerk or Deputy Clerk will place a sign-up sheet at the podium prior to each regular meeting of the School Board.
  2. Any member of the public wishing to speak will sign-in on the sheet.
  3. At the specified time on the agenda for “Comments from the Community”, the Board Chairperson will call each person to the podium for comments.
  4. The Chairperson will describe the procedure and the amount of time each member will have for comments.
  5. Generally, each community member will have three (3) minutes for comments.
  6. If the community member is still speaking at the end of the allotted time, the Chairperson will explain that the time is over and that the comment period will end.

Persons wishing to address the School Board are requested to contact the superintendent, the School Board chair, or their designee for placement on the agenda.

The chair is responsible for the orderly conduct of the meeting and rules on such matters as the appropriateness of the subject being presented and length of time for such presentation. Upon recognition by the chair, the speaker shall address the chair and if, at the conclusion of the speaker’s remarks, any member of the School Board desires further information, the member addresses the speaker only with the permission of the chair. No one is allowed to make additional presentations until everyone who wishes to speak has an opportunity to make an initial presentation.

Amended: April 19, 2021


Legal Ref.: Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1-78, 22.1-253.13:7.

Cross Ref.: BDDE Rules of Order

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