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Despite the care taken in selecting suitable learning resources, and despite the qualifications and expertise of persons involved in that selection process, it is recognized that occasional objections to materials will be made by the public. It is, therefore, the policy of the School Board to provide channels of communication and a fair procedure for members of the community to follow in expressing and resolving concerns about learning resources, including instructional materials, used in teaching the curriculum.

Complaints about learning resources should be presented in writing using KLB-E, “Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources” form, which may be obtained from the principal or the central office. The standards and procedure for review shall be consistently applied in recognition of the respective rights and responsibilities of all concerned. Materials shall be considered for their educational suitability and shall not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval. Challenges which are not resolved at the building level may be submitted to the superintendent or superintendent’s designee. The decision of the superintendent may be appealed to the School Board or reviewed at the School Board's request. The decision of the School Board will be final.

Amended: February 1, 2016


Legal Refs.: Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, § 22.1-253.13:7.C.2.

8 VAC 20-720-160.

Cross Refs.: IIA Instructional Materials

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