Registration Requirements

The School Board of Manassas Park requires the following information be presented to school personnel before your son/daughter can become a duly registered student at any Manassas Park City School.

1. Proof of Residency:

First and foremost, we must have a lease, settlement statement or mortgage statement with the address of the home in which your family is residing in Manassas Park.

If you cannot produce one of the three proofs listed above, we will accept a notarized statement and supporting documentation from the landlord stating that your family is residing in his/her residence located in Manassas Park. This statement must include the address of the home, the names of your family members, and the landlord's name, address and phone number. The owner/tenant must provide proof of residency by submitting a lease, deed, settlement papers, mortgage statement, or deed of trust. Additional information may be required as necessary. Please find a copy of our Notarization of Residency form here.

MPCS also requires one secondary proof from the list below. Each secondary proof must have an address that corresponds to your home in Manassas Park.

  • Personal Property Tax
  • Bank Statement
  • Utilities - electric, gas, water and sewer
  • Cable TV
  • Cellular Phone

Even if your family has just moved into your new home in Manassas Park, you will still be required to provide an additional proof from the list above. We understand that you might not have a bill or statement yet, but if you can provide paperwork that shows you have completed an application for any of the above secondary proofs and it has your new Manassas Park address shown on it, we will accept this as proof.

2. Parent/Guardian Photo Identification

Photo Identification is required. A driver's license, walker's identification card, military ID, passport, or Real ID are suitable.

3. Birth Certificate:

You must bring your child's original birth certificate to be verified by school personnel.

4. Immunization Record:

This record must show the original vaccinations and boosters and must be current. It has to be submitted to the school office before your child can start school.

5. School Health Form/Physical Exam:

State law (Ref. Code of Virginia ยง 22.1-270) requires that your child is immunized and receives a comprehensive physical examination before entering public kindergarten or elementary school. The parent or guardian completes this page (Part I) of the form. The Medical Provider completes Part II and Part III of the form. This form must be completed no longer than one year before your child's entry into school.

Physical Form:

 Fillable Form: 

6. Legal Guardianship or Custodial Agreement:

If you are a divorced parent or the guardian of a minor child, you must provide documentation from the court granting you custody of the child.

A notarized statement from the parent(s) will not be acceptable. You must contact the Prince William County Juvenile Court and request a date for a review of your guardianship. A letter or appointment card from the court will suffice until such time as your case can be reviewed. Upon determination of the case and if you are granted guardianship you must provide the school with a copy of this final documentation.

7. School Records:

If you child was previously registered in another school, MPCS must receive the records from the previous school or by the parent/guardian.

It is never our intent to delay any child's enrollment in our school division, but depending on your personal situation there may be a slight delay in order for you to obtain the required documentation.

We appreciate your cooperation with providing this required documentation. Thank you.

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